Yvonne Zindel

ABA Curator 2014-2016

Yvonne works as an independent curator and author in Berlin. To her, curating is an artistic research process in itself that allows for enquiry – to re-imagine, re-arrange, and experiment with its methodology and ways of communication. She studied art theory, art mediation and fine art at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste (University of Art) at Braunschweig, Germany and finished her diploma in July 2012. Afterwards she started her doctoral thesis about “Perfomative Conversation” at the HFBK Hamburg. In 2014 she initiated the salon-series Performing Encounters. This long term project, which was awarded a research stipend by the city of Berlin in 2015, focuses on games and dialogue as an area of research.
As a holder of a stipend awarded by the nGbK Berlin 2015/16 in the area of art mediation she has developed a special mediation project together with a computer programmer.