Aleksander Komarov

Komarov is co-founder of Air Berlin Alexanderplatz, a research-related residency program in Berlin. Aleksander Komarov was born and raised in Belarus, trained as an artist in Glebov Art Leceum in Minsk, Belarus; the University of Fine Arts Poznan, Poland; and Rijksakademie, The Netherlands. He published filmic and written essays concerning questions of migrating identity’s, (cultural) globalization, the condition of contemporary art and its relation to broader economic contexts. His films include Estate (2008); Capital (2009), Glosy/Voices (2011), Palipaduazennje (2012), Language Lessons (2013). His films were exhibited most recently at Arsenal Gallery, Poland curated by Monika Szewczyk (2014), The Way of the Shovel, curated by Dieter Roelstraete at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, 2013; the Moscow Biennial (2015).