Salon Steve Rushton

Aug 1, 2010
Alexanderstraße 13, Berlin, Germany

Salon Agenda:

Screening of ‘The Eternal Frame’ followed by a talk by Steve Rushton
The Eternal Frame (1975) is a film by the art-architecture collective Ant Farm.
It is a re-enactment of President J.F Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas. The film was made in the year that Abraham Zapruda’s 8mm footage of the actual assassination of Kennedy was released to the public (twelve years after the real assassination).

At this salon at the ABA Residency apartment, Steve Rushton’s talk centred on how Ant Farm’s piece speaks in the language of film reportage in the emerging, media-transforming world of video and shows how the tension between reporting facts and engineering sentiment are played out in the present day. In Media Burn (1975), a custom built car is driven into a pyramid of blazing television sets. It is an event that exists to be mediated. The Media Burn is introduced by the president (played by Doug Hall) who frames the action with a heroic speech. Sadly, the artist-president will soon suffer the fate of the real Kennedy in a re-enactment of his assassination. If the pseudo-event[5] is constructed to be mediated, what remains after total mediation?

Bulletin: The second issue of the Signal:Noise Bulletin, edited by Steve Rushton and designed by Dexter Sinister, will be a report on the activities of the Signal:Noise Bureau over the four months at ABA, the bulletin will be distributed as an on-line pdf through The Showroom, London and Dexter Sinister, New York.
Production 31 August 2010
[1]Dexter Sinister are a New York-based due of artists/curators/editors
(David Reinfurt and Stuart Baily).
[2]For example, U.S based groups such as Antfarm, TVTV and Radical Software.
[3]Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Arts is a non-profit cultural
institution based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, which is interested in projects that
take advantage of new technologies in order to investigate and discuss the
structures of (post)modern society. Aksioma concentrates on artistic
production that explores social, political, aesthetic and ethical concerns.
[4]The Showroom is a contemporary art space, founded in 1988,
committed to exploring emerging artistic practices and ideas.
[5]Daniel Boorstin coined the term in 1961