#62 Upcoming
Salon Sally Schonfeldt

Mar 28, 2019
Berlin, Germany
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The research projects have dealt with the European colonial phenomenon of Human Zoos, the so called Völkerschauen; with the problematic colonial provenances of many European ethnological museum collections that resulted in my latest film work, also applied within a German context.

Indigenous Human Remains Repatriation.

These three research projects, which I would seek to continue working on within a Berlin context, are all underpinned by my passionate artistic and historiographical interest in examining the foundational beginnings of European social sciences, such as anthropology and anthropometry (so called scientific racism), and how they are intricately related to the European project of imperial colonialism.

Visiting archives based in Berlin, such as, to name one example, the archive of the Berliner Gesellschaft für Anthropologie, Ethnologie und Urgeschichte, but also to augment them through focusing on work directly connected to a Berlin context, such as the history of an Indigenous Australian man, named in historical records merely as Bonny, who was shown in Human Zoos in Berlin in the early 20th century and whom was also “anthropometrically” investigated (meaning his skull was measured and racial assumptions of his assumed lower cultural standing order were extrapolated out of such craniological examinations) by one Rudolf Virchow, who was himself the founder of the above mentioned Berliner Gesellschaft für Anthropologie, Ethnologie und Urgeschichte. Furthermore the current heated debate surrounding the relocation of the problematic collection of the Ethnologisches Museum of Berlin, formerly located in Dahlem, into the highly criticised Humboldt Forum in the Schloss Berlin would provide a rich critical context in which to situate my own work and research interests, as well through allowing for a rich engagement with local networks of scholars, artists and curators also critically examining the foundation of this new institution.

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