Salon Renate Zentschnig and Michiel Huijsman

Apr 19, 2015
Alexanderstraße 13, Berlin, Germany

Salon Agenda:

Deconstructing the sound walk.

“As much as the soundscape offers an alternative perspective on the landscape, revealing the habitual and ideological slices of its built, the sound artwork expands this alternativeness in relation to aesthetic representation, reference and sense. It enables the exploration of aesthetic and referential slices of art practice, and how they determine meaning and value in discourse.” – Salomé Voegelin, Sonic possible worlds, 2014.

12:00 Welcome
12:15 introduction by Michiel Huijsman and Renate Zentschnig about Soundtrackcity and their research in ABA
12:45 talk by Holger Schulze about experiencing sound
13:30 talk by Bertram Weisshaar about the art of walking
14:15 break
14:30 discussion
15:30 drink

Holger Schulze is professor in musicology at the University of Copenhagen and principal investigator at the Sound Studies Lab.

Bertram Weisshaar is strollologist, initiator of Atelier Latent and author of ‘Spazierwissenschaft in Praxis’.

About Soundtrackcity: