Salon Alexanderstrasse 13

Jul 20, 2009
Alexanderstraße 13, 10179 Berlin, Germany

The very first Salon was held by Susanne Kriemann and Alexander Komarov on July 20, 2009, at there apartment in Berlin Alexanderstrasse 13. Over a spectacular view of Alexanderplatz from the 10th floor apartment, guests were invited to view Alexanderplatz from the balcony and to a screening of Ray and Charles Eames film ‘Powers Of Ten’ introduce by Carl Zillich; participate in a reading and discussion of Dieter Roelstraete’s text ‘The Mass Ornament: Nomadology, Ornithology, Photography’ published by Susanne Kriemann in her artist book ‘One Time One Million’; Marco Bruzzone broad with him record ‘Stimmen Der Vögel Südeuropas’ DDR 1978 ; Animal ; Eterna.
After the sun set behind the Kaufhof House we sit and listen to the sounds of exotic birds with open windows…

Attending Guests:
Dieter Roelstraete (writer, philosopher and curator at Muhka, Antwerpen),Monika Szewczyk (writer, head of publications at Witte de With, Rotterdam),Carl Zillich (architect based in Berlin), Marco Bruzzone (artist based in Berlin), Vanessa Ohlraun (director of Piet-Zwart-Institute, Rotterdam), Susanne Kriemann (artist based in Berlin), Aleksander Komarov (artist based in Berlin)

Dieter Roelstraete – The Mass Ornament: Nomadology, Ornithology, Photography


29.05.2009 at 21.00

‘One Time One Million’

From our apartment in Berlin, Alexanderstrasse 13, 10th floor, we overview Alexanderplatz; to the left the shopping mall Alexa, the GROSZSTADT-architecture by Peter
Behrens, en face the face lifted Kaufhof, the Park Inn Tower, the newly opened Saturn shopping mall and to our right the modern classics Haus des Lehrers, the Berlin Congress Centre, and more blocks of the same kind as ours.

Together with friends we have talked about the idea of the Salon evening that circulates around the notions of urban space, capitalism, historiography and personal statements in relations to the view offered by this location.

Herewith we would like to announce our first Salon, and would be happy about your presence!

The evening begins with the presentation of the book ‘One Time One Million
(Migratory Birds/ Romantic Capitalism) by Susanne Kriemann. The text by Dieter Roelstraete ‘The Mass Ornament: Nomadology, Ornithology, Photography’ published there in will open up more precisely the discussion about the personal and the political. After all we are then inside a modern functionalist apartment that in an exemplary way is subject to both text and book. Carl Zillich screens there after the film POWERS OF TEN by the Eames COUPLE. The text, and the book will be made available to you before the evening. We would be happy to receive further suggestions for the content part of this evening. And hope to welcome you the 29th of May in our home.

Aleksander Komarov and Susanne Kriemann