Salon Martine van Kampen

Nov 28, 2011
Klosterstraße 50, 10179 Berlin, Germany

Held at the Dutch Embassy, this salon was titled “On the Future of the Past”.

Salon Agenda:

Before assembling at the Dutch Embassy, we met at Hausvogteiplatz and embarked on a small tour through the city to view a handful of public art sculptures.
At the Dutch Embassy we received a fascination presentation by Vincent de Boer, special guest from the Netherlands, about his work as a curator at Stroom Den Haag. Following the presentation we discussed other public art initiatives such as the works of artist Yorgos Saspountzis, and Axel Wieder’s project “New Patrons” that collects private funds to finance public art.

Attending Guests: Loek ten Hage (Dutch Embassy), Dominique Hurth (Artist), Hans Dickel (Publisher, Kunst in der Stadt, Skulpturen, Berlin), Constanze von Marlin (Art Historian and Researcher), Dieter Roelstraete (Curator at MuHKA), Aleksander Komarov (Artist), Susanne Kriemann (Artist).

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The Future Of The Past

The salon 6 was starting with a tour around some random public art works in the neighbourhood of the Dutch embassy, were later was hold a conference. We discussed the recent past of public art. Joining us were: Vincent de Boer (curator at Stroom Den Haag, NL), Hans Dickel (publisher of Kunst in der Stadt, Skulpturen in Berlin), Dominique Hurth (artist), Constanze von Marlin (art historian, researcher), Dieter Roelstraete (curator at MuHKA), Yorgos Sapountzis (artist) and Axel Wieder (curator, mediator for New Patrons). The tour aimed to show the reality of public art, the things you see in the streets when you walk about: privately commissioned sculptures, memorials, colourful abstract metal structures, percent-for-art reliefs and mosaics on GDR-buildings, corporate style logo sculptures. We even saw some bears but they were very much alive.

Looking at the first public art work: Denkzeichen Modezentrum, Rainer Görss (2000),Die Tanzende Berolina, by Axel Anklam (2004.

A typical GDR-Kunst-am-Bau mosaic, Differenzierte Berührung by Volkmar Haase (1990). Almost next to it:Berthold Brecht by Igael Tumarkin (1991). Not included in the pictures are two more twirly metal structures near the water by the unknown artist and a white stone column with lions in front of the Chinese embassy. And the bears at the Märkisches Museum, the real ones.

After we had a warm reception at the Dutch embassy, by Bart Hofstede and Loek ten Hagen.

Where we continued with introductions and discussion. Vincent de Boer showed some examples of projects by Stroom and everyone talked about their professional experiences with producing or studying art in the public sphere.