Salon Maartje Fliervoet

Dec 15, 2013
Alexanderstraße 13, Berlin, Germany

Salon Agenda:

For this Salon, Maartje put together a beautiful leaflet with the help of graphic designer Tobias Wenig that introduced both the main subject and all the invited speakers. The main topic was ‚Selection and montage of scientific image collections‘ and as a specific example the ‚Tonlebermodelle‘.

The Salon took place in the evening at the residency apartment. Three speakers were invited: Dr. Sophie Berrebi, writer, art historian and lecture in art history and theory at the University of Amsterdam, Dr. Alena Alexandrova, independent researcher and curator and Nethanel Anor, PhD student at Freie Universität Berlin, who gave us a background on the ‚Tonlebermodelle‘. Next to the speakers 10 guests came to the event. We were especially happy about the attendance of art collector Erika Hoffman, who had curated an exhibition on that topic.

Dr. Sophie Berrebie, Dr. Alena Alexandrova, Nethanel Anor, Fred von Bose, Alexandra Leykauf,Erika Hoffmann, Elisabeth Mohr, Mirya Gerardu, Federica Bueti, Knut Birkholz, Maartje Fliervoet, Aleksander Komarov, Susanne Kriemann, Ilka Tödt