Salon Katarina Zdjelar

Aug 13, 2013
Karl-Marx-Allee 36, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Salon Agenda:

For her Salon Katarina Zdjelar invited Zeynep Bulut ICI fellow, who wrote a Phd on Sound Studies, Psychoanalysis, Philosophy, Speech and Movement Science to hold a talk on her subject, reflect on Katarina´s new work and combine it with her topic.Several new people from music research professions attended the Salon. But also our regular participants like Fred von Bose contributed to the discussion.
During the Salon, Zdjelar showed her latest video piece, ‘Stimme’ (‘Voice’), which she completed during her residency at ABA/ Mondriaan Fondation in Berlin. The piece focuses on the training between a voice coach and a young lady who doesn’t speak with her own voice, opening questions around the historical implications of having and receiving voice and pitch, its economy, and the politics of anatomy. The body of a trainee is akin to a musical instrument.

London based Zeynep Bulut received her Ph.D. in Critical Studies/Experimental Practices in Music from the University of California at San Diego in 2011. Prior to her doctoral education, she studied sociology (B.A.), opera, and visual arts (M.A.) in Istanbul, Turkey. Zeynep investigates the physical and phenomenal emergence of the human voice, drawing on avant-garde and experimental music, and sound art. Her broader research interests include historical epistemologies of hearing, anthropology of senses and affect, deaf performance and culture, and voice and speech disorders in the history of science and medicine. Alongside her scholarly work, Zeynep has also composed and performed voice and sound pieces for concert, video, and theatre, which have been exhibited in the United States, Europe and Turkey.

Attending Guests:
Benjamin Deboosere, Wouter de Raeve, Fred van Bose, Susanne Kriemann, Aleksander Komarov, Ilka Tödt, Bettina Klein, Anna Okrasko, Annika Hauke, Elke Marhöfer, Sabijn van der Linden, Federica Bueti, Ulrike Mohr, Peter Taylor, Ana Teixeira Pinto, Natasha Guinwala, Bitsy Knox, Silvie Buschman