Salon Johanna Viprey

Dec 16, 2016
Stresemannstraße 74, Berlin, Germany

We cordially invite you to the Salon of Johanna Viprey on December 16th , time: 20.00h
This salon will take place in « my » apartment, the one where I stay for the residency time, and that I mostly used as my studio. This proposal is a way for me to question the artists’ working places and how it influences the work, the formal/informal spaces, the idea of seriousness.
Between the talks-poems of David Antin and the didactical lectures of Mark Leckey or Chloe Maillet & Louis Hervé, i’ll narrate the story of my research about lecture performance format and how it led me to explore the links with archaic figures and practices, non-conformist knowledge and occult sciences.
By making visible the process and the articulation of thinking, by going through writing and discourse practice, the artists explore the possibilities of self-representation. The lecture-performance also refers to the research in art, and how the art field can generate methods to access knowledge. The transnarrative medium is often compared to the essay, as a « principle of textualisation that overrides genre or discourse models »(1).
The « live » condition adds a blurry between production and reception, « between the document and the work, between presentation and mediation »(2).
1) Jenny Dirksen
2) Rike Frank