Salon Hannah Weinberger

Mar 2, 2014
Nalepastraße 18, 12459 Berlin, Germany

Invitation to a Salon of
Air Berlin Alexanderplatz & Hannah Weinberger

meeting point Alexanderplatz / world clock!
Guided tour in and around Funkhaus 12.00h, afterwards Salon in Milchbar.
We would be very happy to have you join this special tour!

Space, as an entity extends as a possibility (in length, width, height); as opportunity to develop oneself it might not be enough. The references to what has happened, history are important; references, which – within itself and outside of one’s self – can be found again as relations, between space and the everyday (life). Free space in itself does not exist, it is a hallucination, if only the idea seems beautiful.
Space surrounds us. It renders our activities, our thinking and living, just as it shaped mine, as it probably influenced my artistic practice.One perhaps has to allow oneself to let go – inspiration is not based on rules or conditions, it will come by itself world history as <> is described and one should be aware of it.(Hannah Weinberger)

Hannah Weinberger (b. 1988, Filderstadt D; Swiss / USA) lives and works in Basel, Switzerland. She recently completed her master’s degree in fine arts at Zurich University of the Arts.