Salon Fabio Marco Pirovino

Mar 21, 2015
Memhardstraße 8, Berlin, Germany

For his Salon, Fabio Marco Pirovino showed two works of his own – his first ever (and probably last) audio piece called “Waka Waka”, conceived for the MAXXI in Rome invited by Nero Magazine within the Exhibition “The Indpendent”. The piece uses fragments freely put together of the text of Shakira’s World Cup Song of the 2010 Football Championships in South Africa translated into Italian – spoken by an Italian digital voice of the Mac OS X system – the song gets transformed into some sort of poem.
Alongside he showed a photographic work, which was first shown last year at OLM Space in Neuchatel called “Studio NY”. The photos were taken at his then work and living space in New York. They show a cluttered environment filled with material and finished or half finished work with special appearances of a cat called Nrml. The photos are altered in a very simple and colorful way shown on an iPad for the viewer to scroll through. Stupidity always wins! The work is a reaction to the myth of living and working in New York as an artist and all it’s glorifications surrounding it.

Pirovino decided to show this work specially as he has the same situation here in Berlin where the living and working place are both at home.

The video artist Sarah Burger was also invited to show her work.

Pirovino’s ongoing series of exhibitions are usually undergone in collaboration with others, taking place at people’s homes. The title “Space is the Place” works as Leitmotif for this. The last one was in December in Berlin at the studio of Jon Merz and the next one will be in June in Basel at his parents place together with TOVES – an artist run space from Copenhagen.