Salon Elian Somers

Dec 7, 2015
Eisenacher Str., Berlin, Germany

Elians first salon took place the 07th of December, 2015 in residency apartment.
The guests were invited to participate in a round discussion about Elian ongoing research studies in to the the “Border Theories (2009-2013). During her residency at ABA AiR Berlin Alexanderplatz her research went the way cultural production – with a main focus on architecture – is employed as a propaganda instrument in Cold War politics. Secondly how a contemporary geopolitical East-West project; Putin’s foundation of the Eurasian Union and a fictional plan for its Capital as a counterpart of Brussels.”
“A Stone from the Moon (working title) refers to an exhibition at the Amerika Haus in Berlin in 1970. Berlin can be viewed as the frontline city of the Cold War.
“From various disciplines – architecture, history, political science, visual arts and photography – will be reflected on cultural production as a means of political persuasion. Starting point is the city of Cold War Berlin depicted on two different maps. The participants of the salon contributed to the salon from a broad range of disciplines like architecture, (art-) history and a naming/branding agency. The discussion goes along the political manipulation of history and truth in both the Berlin city landscape as well as in broader contexts as the Cold War and contemporary East-West conflict.