Salon Delphine Bedel

Jun 7, 2014
Alexanderstraße 13, 10179 Berlin, Germany

Salon Agenda:

The topic of Delphine´s Salon was an enactment of her residency and PhD topic: ‚Publishing as Artistic Practice’. She invitied four speakers to talk about their experiences with publishing as artist practice. The speakers were Joachim Schmid, Erica Overmeer, Antonio de Luca and Patricia Reed. The Salon took place in the residency flat, with many guests in attendance. After some time for drinks, Delphine started the presentation part with an in-depth speech about her own research topic followed by the four presentations. They were entertaining as well as interesting and lead to an active discussion.

Attending guests:
Graphic designer Tobias Wenig, curator CAG Vancouver Jenifer Parpararo,artist Annika Erikson, artist Sjoerd Westbroek (alumni ABA), artist Dominique Hurth, ,Graphic designer Serge Rompza( Node/ Berlin), grafik designer Anders Hofgaard (Node/ Oslo), Prof UdK Maren Hartmann, Prof UdK Holger Schulze (Prof Sound Studies), scientist Fred von Bose, independent curator Clara Meister, independent curator Christine Nippe, independent curator and author Christina Dimitriadis, artist April Gertler, Pro Helvetia coordinator Jelena Delic, architect and critic and author Markus Miessen, curator NGBK Frank Wagner, curator and founder of Praxes in Berlin Rhea Dall, art manager Barbara Wagner, curator BAC Visby Livia Paldi, artist Patricia Reed, Graphic designer Stefano Faoro, artists duo Hadley and Maxwell, artist researcher Khadija Caroll Laa, artists Cathleen Schuster und Marcel Dicklage, artist adviser Elisa Mohr, filmmaker Benjamin Deboosere (alumni ABA), artist Tobias Spichtig (alumni ABA),curator Regine Elheiter, Michael Kuhn, Kasia Klimpel, Mike Chick, curator and author Jen Allen, artist Joachim Schmid, artist Althea Thaubebrger, editor, curator and writer Anna-Sophie Springer.