Salon Chloé Delarue

Jan 25, 2016
Karl-Marx-Allee 36, 10178 Berlin, Germany

The first salon of ABA resident Chloé Delarue was held in formal Cosmetic Salon ‘Babette’ . in the upper level space of the amazing glass pavillion on Kalr-Marx-Allee 36,
On the occasion of Chloés exhibition at Zqm Berlin, the salon TAFAA – in conversation question the relation between body/nature and ghost/machine from different perspectives.
TAFAA (Toward A Fully Automated Appearance) is a combination of several installations, that Chloé prefers to call “environments”. These environments are elements of the recomposition of a more or less abstract body. Once these elements overlap, they create a sort of spectrum, a material and immaterial flow of informations that Chloé then links with “the Ghost”.
“The Ghost” in computer sciences means cloning via fragmentation, partition. Therefore a “Ghost” copy is never a real copy but a more substantial one – one that seeks to save the very substance of an information.
This process of “Ghosting”  interests Chloé in relation to her research about the so-called ” Capgras Delusion”. The Capgras Delusion, a “delusional misidentification syndrome” is a human disease. People with Capgras Delusion believe, that someone or something close to him has been replaced by his double, a copy.
During her residence at ABA AIR Berlin Alexanderplatz Chloé got curious about this analogy, this “flow shape” between us and the tools we use.
NOTE: We asked the participants to use some disposable cameras for documentation purposes.