Salon ADA / Area for Debate and Art

Dec 9, 2012
Linienstraße 40, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Salon Agenda:

Breakfast at Noon

ADA decided to do one major Salon event in which everyone would participate. They wanted to pick up on their other format for talks: the „Breakfast at Noon“, where they invited other artist initiatives to talk about their activities while having Breakfast. They invited ODA projesi from Istanbul to the Salon event as well as ABA. The Salon was kindly hosted by Susanne Prinz at the Kunstverein Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, which is situated in one of the most impressive buildings from the recent Berlin architecture scene (designed by artist Cosima von Bonin and architect Roger Bundschuh).
Among the artist initiatives, ADA invited many other guests from the Netherlands and from Berlin who all engaged in a very lively discussion about several topics such as hospitality, documentation, the neighbourhood as participant, and initiatives in art.

Attending Guests:
Andrea Pichl (Artist), Andrea Wieloch (Cultural Manager), Secil Yersel (Founder of Oda Projesi);Christine Nippe (Curator and Writer), Doreen Mende (Curator and Writer), DAI, Laura Schleussner (Director of Kunstverein Göttingen), Maria Barnas (Artist and Writer), Dominique Hurth (Artist),Susanne Prinz (Founder of Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz), Susanne Neubauer (Curator and Historian Zürich), Armin Linke (Artist), Asako Iwama (Artist, Tokyio), Nadin Reschke (Artist),Iris Dankemeyer (Author), Dorien Hoeksema (Artist), Robert Gschwantner (Artist), Anu Pennanen (Artist), Olga Lewicka (Artist), Carsten Zorn, Lena Prents (Art