Lonnie van Brummelen & Siebren de Haan

Jan 14, 2011
Arnimallee 25, 14195 Berlin, Germany


Salon Agenda:

An interdisciplinary meeting between art and ethnography, followed by a publication. Hosted by Lonnie van Brummelen & Siebren de Haan in collaboration with Hilde de Bruijn, Sonja Lau, Friedrich von Bose, ABA at the Museum of Ethnography in Dahlem, Berlin.

Lonnie and Siebren focused on making this salon significant and distinct. They had previously made contact with Peter Junge, a curator from the Museum of Ethnography who had recently organized a large exhibition about Africa and also lent works to the “The Potosi Principle” exhibition. Peter Junge offered the couple a conference room at the museum for the Salon, as well as an invitation to tour the exhibition following the presentation.Lonnie and Siebren invited Andreas Siekmann and Alice Creischer as special guests, to talk about the captions of their exhibition. Anke Bangma, curator of the Tropenmuseum Amsterdam was also invited, but was unable to attend due to weather complications. Lonnie and Siebren invited several artists to explain their projects and show some of their works. After a 3-hour discussion, a lunch was held at the museum, followed by a tour of the exhibition ‘Africa’ with Peter Junge to analyse the works’ captions.
Reviewing the Caption

Attending Guests: Johannes Paul Raether (Artist), Hilde de Bruijn (Curator, Amsterdam), Jeremiah Day (Artist), Mariana Castillo Deball (Artist, DAAD Resident, Berlin), Simon Wachsmuth (Artist),Max Jorge Hinderer (Curator), Steffen Köhn (Scientific Researcher in Antropology,FreieUniversität,Berlin), Beate Binder (Professor of European Ethnology), Marina Sorbello (Curator), Antje Weitzel (Curator), Alon Levin (Artist), Sonja Lau (Curator, KW Berlin), Friedrich von Bose (M.A. European Ethnology), Hadley & Maxwell (Artists), Lise Nellemann (Gallerist Sparwasser HQ), Florian Wuest (Artist and Curator), Solvej Ovesen (Curator), Toon Koehorst & Jannetje In´t Veld (Graphic Designers), Peter Junge (Curator Afrika Collection, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin), Khadija Carroll La(Curator)