Air SALON: Chalkboard Testimonies (a-b-c walk)

Jun 16, 2020

Freie Radios – Berlin Brandenburg

88,4 MHz in Berlin
90,7 MHz in Potsdam

16. June 2020

In his show, Igor Sevcuk will take you for an essay-walk to five ABA locations in Berlin.

At first, the artist considers his sleeping disorder experienced while work-living in an artist residency. The montage that follows brings together recollections of school times by various authors in relation to holocaust commemoration in the city of Amsterdam. The segments of archival materials and texts are reviewed together with the two ABA guest artists at their Berlin apartments: Magali Dougoud and Joris Perdieus. Two ABA hosts have joined at Haus der Statistik and their home: Aleksander Komarov and Susanne Kriemann. Additional voice is by Abla elBahrawy, architect and visual artist in Amsterdam.