Toon Koehorst & Jannetje in ‘t Veld

The first ABA residents of 2011 were graphic designer duo Toon Koehorst and Jannetje In ’t Veld. Their research topic of choice was, ‘The Library and the Digitalization of Their Books’.
For graphic designers- who live through printed matter, the thought of Google converting all existing books to online publications was an interesting and frightening concept. The pair intended to analyse the advantages and disadvantages of the digitalizing publications. Toon and Jannetje began researching the different library systems currently being used. Through visiting various libraries and interviewing administrators of archiving systems, they sought to establish how these institutions planned to use digitalization as a method of archiving and accessing content.
During their investigation, Toon and Jannetje discovered the Flusser archive, a library that stores all publications by the philospher Vilém Flusser. The archive and Vilém Flusser’s ideology became a source of inspiration for the duo. Toon and Jannetje invited employees of the Flusser archive, Claudia Becker and Rodrigo Novaes, to participate in their salons, presenting Vilém Flusser’s theories, and discussing the challenges faced when relocating and rearranging their library. On January 3rd ABA hosted an event to introduce Toon and Jannetje to the Berlin art scene. Toon and Jannetje presented their recent publications and projects, and introduced their forthcoming research topic.

Toon and Jannetje produced two informative and engaging bulletins for their salons. The publications comprised of an introduction to the research topic, extracts from relevant speeches and a collection of materials accumulated during their research.