Renate Zentschnig and Michiel Huijsman

Renate Zentschnig and Michiel Huijsman are the founders of Soundtrackcity (2009).
Soundtrackcity is a sound art project based in Amsterdam that invites artists from different disciplines to explore and investigate the city through sound and listening. The main artistic production of the last five years comprise of 23 carefully crafted soundwalks in public spaces in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Istanbul. The walks are developed in collaboration with architects, musicians, urban planners, sociologists, biologist, historians and local communities.

Michiel and Renate are currently in Air Berlin Alexanderplatz to do research and reflect upon their artistic practice. As part of their artistic research they organized two walks around Berlin Westkreuz. Westkreuz is used as a test bed for exploratory strategies into a sonic layered city. Selected groups of walkers from different backgrounds were invited to investigate sonic places, (hidden) histories and listening practices along specific routes guided by sound artist Peter Cusack and strollologist Bertram Weisshaar.
Soundtrackcity in Berlin: