‘Disjoint events’ hosted by A. Komarov & R. Ugarte Vallejos

May 20, 2020

(Dis)joined events (timeline of different events in different parts of the world)

Wednesday 20th of May,from 11 AM – 2 PM.
The screening session will take place at Projektraum Uqbar,
Schwedenstraße 16, 13357 Berlin-Wedding

Bolivia, 2019 Remy Ugarte


Sri Lanka, 2019, Aleksander Komarov

We are used to seeing moving images in many different formats: digital platforms, smartphones, news etc… they are edited, constructed, or prepared for their respective visual outlets. How do we read and link such visual materials? What’s the relation between their banality or meaningfulness, their context, and their diffusion?

Our body acts as a tripod, holding the communication device, within whatever moving vessel we occupy. It appears as a moving part of this assemblage of enhanced moving digits, bits, and particles. Commuting between different places forms a self-experiment. How does distance or proximity change the perception of location, place and motion of our viewing of things?

In form of a video screening, we are experimenting with collective video watching, discussing subjects that might emerge, searching for links, and thinking about potential threads and narratives to the current developments in local and global life structures.

In logic and probability theory, two events (or propositions) are mutually exclusive or disjoint if they cannot both occur at the same time. If we apply  this logic to film ‘timeline ‘ this events may have some potential to overlap. We will screen and discuss unused footage of artists Aleksander Komarov and Remy Ugarte Vallejos which was filmed between 2019 and 2020 in Berlin, Bolivia, India, Sri Lanka, USA, and other places.

The event is open to the public and will be recorded. Please make sure to follow the current COVID-19 measures, respect the distances, and protect yourself and others by wearing a face mask if necessary.