Johanna Viprey

Dec 22, 2016

Research project – Johanna Viprey (EN)

In the contemporary artistic context, as more generally in all the fields of cultural and/or scientific research, one saw the development and the increase of the practice of « talk ».
This term can bring together different forms as discussion, lecture or interview, in live or recorded, then archived and accessible on broadcasting platforms (museums, online magazines,Ted, The Talks…).
This practice has increased both in institutional context (museums, art centers) and market area (galeries, art fairs).
In parallel, one saw the development of different artistic practices inspired by the « lecture » format, recently brought together under the term of « lecture performance ».
The starting point of my research is the assessment of this meaningful increase, and the intuition that it responds to underlying specific needs.
This form – at the same time that it’s reinventing itself through appropriation and artistic experimentation – seems to echo some archaic practices, like oracular word, prediction or incantation. That way, it brings a figure out : the artist as an oracle.
This figure could be considered as atavistic, as it’s accompanying – with more or less weight (pregnancy) according to times – the artist and its different roles through the history (from divine genius of old masters to the prophetic word of poetry). According to Jean de Salisbury, incantators are magicians « influencing by the spoken word ».
In my previous works, i already resorted to lecture performance, as a « transnarrative » medium, to report a research, an experience, in both a direct and complex way. With this medium, the story can be carried out by the discursive mode, as much as by the resort to sound, to image, to gesture.
This new research, based on the study of the medium itself, is composed of 2 times.
First, an inventory of these practices and an analysis of the issues in a writing format, and then a research about the modes of restitution, by the formulation of a lecture performance.