If Mind Were All There Was

Oct 27, 2013

The exhibition presents the work of 12 artists, designers, and curators whose practice involves research-based investigations on themes ranging from political borders, urban space, migration, and interdisciplinary process. In cooperation with the AIR Berlin Alexanderplatz, an
International residency program run by Aleksander Komarov, Susanne Kriemann and Ilka Tödt, the exhibition attempts a examination of “artist research” as both a catchword and an established artistic methodology.
The exhibition in the 400 sq m Altes Rathaus space will present works of ABA residences:
Participants: Steve Rushton, Lonnie van Brummelen & Siebren de Haan, Toon Koehorst & Jannetje in ‘t Veld, Florian Göttke, Martine van Kampen, Stijn Verhoeff, Wendelien van Oldenborgh, ADA, Anna Okrasko, Katarina Zdjelar, and Maartje Fliervoet

Florian Göttke / Martine van Kampen will develop a walking tour of Göttingen based on their interests in outdoor statuary and art in public space.

Paralleling the Berlin-based salons organized by ABA, in a series of 5 salons leading up to the exhibition will be invited to Göttingen to present research-based aspects of their work in the informal setting of an apartment kitchen and discuss with invited scholars and guests. These artists include:

Wendelien van Oldenborgh / Aleksander Komarov
Christoph Keller / Susanne Kriemann
Clemens von Wedemeyer / Katarina Zdjelar
Simon Faithfull / Van Brummelen and De Haan
Florian Göttke / Martine van Kampen

ABA is a residency focused on research, with a Berlin inspired topic. Its
aim is to build up a network for each resident and to visualize and describe each research topic in an adequate format. The resident can choose between various forms of media, like a blog/website, a magazine, a publication, a poster or even a vinyl. The main tools of ABA to support the resident with building up a network and receiving inspiration are the salons, studio visits and network acquisitions.
We host international artists, designers, curators, architects and critical writers. Unlike the natural sciences, art is still developing its research methodology. ABA in Residence program provides researchers the opportunity to carry out a clearly defined research project within the city of Berlin .ABA provides a residential flat over a period of 2 till 6 month.
Our goal to advocate new thinking on research in art and methodology of art practice.
ABA is a “host”, “production” office and work place for artists, curators and contemporary art writers located at the hart of of Berlin. ABA runs a variety of different production- organizing events, working with resident on his project and residency programs. It is a flexible organization placing the art research at the centre of its activities, based around the salons programmed with equal emphasis on seminars, presentations and dialogue. ABA was established in 2010 is the only art research residency in Germany.
Our programme encourages new relationships and should be seen as a chance to try out different types of collaborations, which may have an inter-disciplinary character.
ABA involve in working actively with resident (introducing him/her to a network of specialists), questions concerning the relationship between artistic process, institution and society with the aim to continuously assess and re-think artist working methods.