Babette Kleijn, Amelia Prazak &  Milda Lembertaité

Oct 19, 2018

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October 19th, 4pm!


Gewerbegebiet Naumannstraße,
Wilhelm-Kabus-Straße 72
(house 34.2 studio 803)
10829 Berlin (Schöneberg)

Babette Kleijn

After leaving the medium of photography behind, Babette Kleijn started to make drawings that she later converted into wallworks. These constructions on the wall contain elements of drawing, but also materials like metal, threat and nails. They are based on a very personal system of symbols Kleijn developed over time. They find their origin in her praxis of exercising mental sharpness. The works can also be seen as Mental Models; they are attempts to give a shape to abstract inner experiences.

In her works, one can clearly trace a fascination for socialist architecture. While she is letting her inspiration adrift on the powerful, robust and ideologically loaded appearance of these buildings Kleijn intuitively looks for ways to integrated these aesthetics in her work. With it’s influential socialistic history, the city of Berlin forms a perfect framework for Kleijns research. While mapping the playground of these urban applications in Berlin, she is looking for a spot with a wall that is suited for a new work of Kleijn to be (permanently) installed.

Amelia Prazak &  Milda Lembertaité

Their diverse and free wheeling practice employing gender play, tongue in cheek sculptural forms, musical interludes and video works as well as nuanced levels of material and visual research; where humorous everyday scenarios or fleeting vingettes of personal and intimate experience sit alongside offering windows into complex webs of reference. With an ever present playfulness and an often surreal humour, forms, images, materials and artefacts are brought into a kind of alchemical drift across and through time, with ancient and contemporary, human and non-human motifs, objects and agencies acting upon and influencing one another in new and ever changing compositions.