Today I left home and – part II

Dec 9, 2019

Today I left home and once I was outside the building I started speculating on whether or not I had forgotten to turn off the oven. As I was speculating, I was still walking away from the building until I reached a point where I could finally decide I was too far to come back and check – it was now up to fate or rather, it was now a matter of letting go because I probably did turn it off. I remembered how my grandmother (my father’s mother) had a post-it glued to the inside of her front door on which it was written check the oven before leaving the house which she wrote herself after an incident that caused a pan-sized hole in the kitchen’s linoleum floor. I remembered how my grandmother (my mother’s mother) had to have her oven replaced a few months ago after hers exploded, which everyone was convinced was caused by her forgetting to turn it off, but was actually just caused by a short-circuit revealed after the oven-technician did the oven-autopsy and declared the cause of its death: short-circuit, which can happen to any oven. I remembered how my mother had left the stove on when I was 8 and alone at home and because she had put a wicker basket filled with apples on it, it caught fire a few minutes after she left the house and I was playing on the computer before running to the neighbor’s house saying my house is on fire, I need help when actually only the oven was on fire – and that was the only time in my life when I entered someone’s home without knocking.