Berlin: cartography of Watery Bodies

May 31, 2020 Wasser Berlin


1. Karpfenteich
Treptower Park

Trans woman, 38 years old
A stranger approaches her and tries to push her into the pond after hitting her.
Trans woman, 29 years old
The second woman was filming the assailant group. They throw her phone into the water and they hitt her.
Transphobic assault

2. Spree
Treptower Park

Near of Insel der Jugend
Lena S, 36 years old, 150cm
The body of Lena S. was found in a suitcase floating in the river. Some media call her the “Koffer-Mädchen” wihch is degrading. They insist about her small size and it is maybe for this reason that she was called “Mädchen” when she was almost 40 years old. In the media and on social networks it was reported that she was travelling alone around the world, unconsciously, and this fact had put her in danger.
Scene of the crime: KulturRaum Paradise, Wedding

3. Spree

Croatian woman, 29 years old
She disappeared on on April 12th after leaving her job around 10pm. From Bruchsaler Strasse in Wilmersdorf she went to the S-Bahn station at the Bundesplatz. After this last journey she never returned to her apartment on Rhinstraße in Lichtenberg and we lost her trace until we found her in the river.
Unclarified death

4. Spree

Woman, 25-40 years old, 172 cm, 60 kg, short blond hair
The police discovered a naked female body drowned in the Spree. They try to identify her by publishing photos of her tattoo: a flower, a corn cob or a character, with a crescent moon on the central ear or an umbrella protecting against the sun.
Potential femicide

5. Spree
Am Kupfergraben 6

Woman, 30-50 years old, 165 cm, 59 kilo, medium-length hair, reddish brown
She was wearing a thin chain around her neck with a rectangular gold pendant with a small stone in the upper right corner and scrawled letters. She was found floating in the Spree and police try to identify her by publishing a drawing of her face.
Unexplained death – potential suicide

6. Spree

Lucie Berlin, 9 years old
Lucie’s body was found wrapped in newspaper forming a package thrown into the river. Lucie Berlin was the youngest daughter of the cigar maker Friedrich Berlin, living at Ackerstraße 130, Berlin-Gesundbrunnen. The girl was identified by her father through a small scar under her chest. December 23rd, Theodor Berger was sentenced to 15 years in prison for homicide. She was probably suffocated with a pillow after being raped.

7. Spree

Maiga Adryan, 23 years old
She swam across the Spree to escape from East Berlin to West Berlin with three other people. At the time of this crossing she was pregnant of tree month. She also had a broken foot. A border guard shuttle intercepts her in the water, but people help her to get out of the water on the West side shore. The police didn’t use weapons because people from the West was around her.
Escape through the Spree

8. Landwehrkanal

Rosa Luxemburg / Rozalia Luksemburg / Anna Matchké / Rosalia Lübeck, 48 years old
Born as a Polish subject in the Russian Empire, she went into exile in Switzerland to study. She took the German nationality in order to continue her socialist activism in Germany. She was a member of the left wing of the Workers’ International, a revolutionary and supporter of internationalism. She spent many years in prison for her political ideas. She was expelled from the German Social Democratic Party after publicly oppose her to the first war. Together with other excluded members, she founded the Independent Social Democratic Party and the Spartakist League. She published her last article on January 14th 1919 and was arrested the next day. In the evening she was killed by soldiers, who were supposed to arrest her. but they considered her too dangerous to be left alive. They said that she was killed by angry citizens. On May 25th, without having found her body, they symbolically buried her. The body of Rosa/Rozalia/Anna was found six days after in the Landwehrkanal. Years later, another body corresponding to hers was discovered in the basement of a clinic, remaining doubt about who was really burried in the grave under the name of Rosa Luxembourg. Her essay «Introduction to Political Economy» in which she developps a critique of nationalism, was published after her death.

9. Landwehrkanal

Ana Anderson / Anastasia Manhan / Anastasia Nikolaïevna Romanova / Franziska Schanzkowska
After her son was taken away from her, she threw herself from a bridge in the Landwehrkanal. It is difficult to say exactly where. She was undocumented, so they called her “Fraulein Unbekannt”. She was placed in a psychiatric hospital for two years. During this time, some of her memories seem to come back and finally she claimed to be Anastasia Nikolayevna Romanova, the daughter of the Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. She wouldn’t have been executed with her family on July 17th 1918 in Yekaterinburg, as History claims, but helped by one of the soldiers, with whom she later had her son. Following the execution, when burying the bodies, he would have noticed that she was still alive and would have hidden her. At first, they give her the identity of a Polish worker, Franziska Schanzkowska, who disappeared at the same time. She will request her inheritance for more than 32 years and will fight in front of many tribunals. Ana Anderson didn’t win her trials, but neither she didn’t lose them, since there was still doubts about the Duchess’s death. Some members of the royal family give credit to her story since Ana revealed troubling details of specific moments that only the Duchess should have known. Her uncle, one of the most fervent detractors of Ana, seemed to want to hide from some of her revelations. He bought witnesses and tempered with photographies to discredit her story. Finally, it is very improbable that she was Franziska Schanzkowska. Ana Anderson immigrated in 1984 in the United States where she was burried under the title „Her Imperial Highness“.
Fished out

10. Panke
Berlin-Usedom Radfernweg

Woman, 32 years old, 168 cm, medium-length hair, dark brown, glasses
She was found partially naked with marks of strangulation.
Potential femicide

11. Teltowkanal

Woman, 35-50 years old, 162 cm, 82 kg, hair up to the shoulders, brown, wavy, dark blue long-sleeved shirt, black plaid tights, red mini skirt
Lichterfelde (Klinik Benjamin Franklin)
She stay in the water for two to four weeks before somebody discovered her body. The police published a photography of her face and of her dental impressions. She seemed to take care of her teeth and visited regularly the dentist.
Unclarified death

12. Teltowkanal
Heizkraftwerks Lichterfelde

Woman, 70-75 years old, 176 cm, 75 kg, long hair, dyed blond, long black coat, skin-coloured bustier, shoes size 40
Kühlwasser-Ansaugbereich des Heizkraftwerks Lichterfelde
The woman’s body was found in the cooling zone of the Lichterfelde thermal power plant one day before Christmas Eve, around 11:35 am.
She was wearing on her fingers a silver ring with a blue stone, probably a sapphire, and a gold ring with a white stone. She was wearing silver earrings with white stones and a gold bracelet on her right wrist.

13. Teltowkanal

Woman, 60 years old
While fishing from a bridge, she falls into the Teltowkanal. She was rescue by the fire men.
Fished out

14. Teltowkanal
Schleuse Kleinmachnow

Woman, 56 years old
Her body was found 8 days after her disappearance stuck in locks of the Teltowkanal.

15. Spandauer Schifffahrtskanal

Joana, 25 years old, 164 cm, tall and slim, oloks much younger than 25 years old, short and dark blond hair, small braid on the back of her head, large plastic glasses, dark brown winter parka up to her knees with a large hood, dark grey wool sweater, grey cloth pants.
This woman came from Poland to celebrate New Year in Berlin. She was last seen in Storkower Straße in Prenzlauer Berg. She had been missing for two days when her body was found in the water of the Spandauer Schifffahrtskanal.
Death unsolved – potential suicide

16. Sachsendorfer badensee

Woman, 53 years old

17. Spree

Woman, 58 years old

18. Teich
Werder an der Havel

Woman, 64 years old