‘Economy as Intimacy’

May 7, 2020


‘Sense and Nonsense.

The Entanglement of Word, Desire and Mania’

as part of ‘Economy as Intimacy’


Please rsvp if you want to receive a small printout of the poems,
to read while listening to the audio piece.

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With the limitations of physical proximity due to the COVID-19 crisis, Eric Peter presents a selection of his poems in the form of an audio recital. This pre-recorded recital will be available for two-and-a-half days. These sixty hours commence 6 PM the 26th of April. Together with his poems, he wrote an essay with the title “Sense and Nonsense. The Entanglement of Word, Desire and Mania”. A leaflet containing the essay and recited poems, is available in print. Please RSVP and send us your post address, so we can send you the physical leaflet (it will not be available digitally).

With the long-term project ʻEconomy as Intimacyʼ, Eric Peter traces “relation” under Late Capitalism using poetry and language as medium of speculation. During his work period with ABA, he focussed on the entanglement of notions of “desire” and mania related to an increasingly digitalized world. How is our digital communication influenced by the limitations of body language? When we are communicating through machines, what is happening precisely in that intimacy? Where does capitalist desire influence the modes of being and interrelating?

Initially, Peter had planned to present a “choreopoem”, a form of poetry recital wherein movement enhances and replaces words and voice and vice-versa, towards the end of his artist-in-residency period. Together with choreographer Monika Dorniak, camera person Kari Rosenfeld, stage person Yaʼnan Wang, and composer Jim Zweerts, Peter has been preparing an elaborate performance piece in which a series of poems written in this period would come together – but due to COVID-19, things have become impossible. The publication of a third volume of poetry under ʻEconomy as Intimacyʼ, in collaboration with photographer Hamed Kabouk, has therefore also been shifted some months ahead. We will keep you informed about this via our newsletter!

Eric Peterʼs artist-in-residency has been made possible thanks to Mondriaan Fonds and Fonds Kwadraat.