Salon Tony Albert and Aleksander Komarov

24 Nov 2015
1040 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA

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Tony Albert will speak about his work Once Upon A Time (2013-2014), which won the prestigious Basil Sellers Art Prize. Once Upon A Time deals with racism in sports, and by implication, Australian society. The work focuses on the crowd abuse directed towards Indigenous Australian Football League player Adam Goodes. Albert will address the controversy behind the treatment of Goodes and another work within the same theme that looks at a series of letters he wrote to Australian artist Gordon Bennett.

Aleksander Komarov presents his ongoing project Language Lessons. Komarov investigates the construction of language among immigrants in establishing their identities. He is interested in the role that language plays in cultural and social issues, when abounded or forgotten and how ’new language‘ shapes individual and collective experience. In his work Palipaduazennije (2013), Komarov asked a group of Belarusian immigrants to describe one word in their “native” language that is associated with immigration.Together,the group created new words by altering the Latin names of plants and fusing them with Belarusian vocabulary.The results were words that sounded like Belarusian, but would be foreign to Belarusian speakers.