Salon Steve Rushton and Rod Dickinson

8 Aug 2010
Alexanderstraße 13, Berlin, Germany

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Salon Agenda:
„A Zero Sum Evening: Deadlock, Chicken, Stag Hunt And the Prisoner’s Dilemma“

Hosted by Steve Rushton and Rod Dickinson at the ABA Residency apartment, this salon invited 8-10 guests to participate in an evening of Game Theory as part of the ongoing Signal Noise project. Rod Dickinson gave the introduction into Game Theory and his research on its link with the Cybernetic moment of the 1940s, as well as Communication theory. The evening also served as part of Dickinson’s ongoing research for a new artwork:

„Game Theory doesn’t really have anything to do with games as such, but primarily consists of the modelling of various scenarios. During the evening I plan to run a number of these with your help. So should you choose to accept this invitation you should be prepared to take part in the playing out of these scenarios, and to some extent see yourself as a guinea pig in this part of my research.“

Rod Dickinson