Salon Sébastien van Malleghem and Bieke Criel

21 Nov 2012
Linienstraße 40, 10119 Berlin, Germany

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We welcome you to the ABA Salon hosted by Verein zur Förderung von Kunst und Kultur am Rosa-Luxemburg –Platz Berlin

‚a city conversation‘ by
with Christina Landbrecht and Ulrike Gerhardt

SÉBASTIEN VAN MALLEGHEM is a freelance photographer born in Belgium in 1986. Sébastien studied photography for three years in Brussels from 2006 to 2009. During his studies he began a documentary about the Belgian Police, which he will continue during the two years following his degree. As a part of on his major project about Justice and Criminals, he has been documenting the Belgian Prison since January 2011. Mostly concerned with social issues of his contemporaries, he decided to orientate his studies towards photojournalism. He is currently preparing a reportage in Europe and a photographic book about his long term project „Police“.

Sébastien Van Malleghem ‘Policemen retaining the crowd during the event called ‚la Ducasse de Mons‘ in Mons, Belgium on June 18, 2011

BIEKE CRIEL is a video artist. She studied at Experimental Studio, Sint-Lucas Fine Arts Ghent (2011). Her work starts from the direct observation of the environment, giving an answer through photo, video, or video-installation. It is a search for details, but it can also be a play with scale and overwhelming situations. In previous videos, she has often made use of coincidence by giving control over the registration out of her hands. Light, space, landscape, movement, nature forces, and architecture are elements that often come together in her work, showing a way of looking and experiencing. One of her videos, LANDSCHAP 001, shows the result of the first experiments in which a camera was fixed on a autonomously moving tripod in the landscape. The camera makes a rotating motion of 360°, where the speed of rotation was determined by an external force.

Christina Landbrecht concluded her studies in History of Art, Business Administration and Romance Languages in 2009. Over several years at the Berlinische Galerie Museum of Modern Art she has acquired considerable curatorial experience and has now returned to Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin to pursue her doctoral degree. Her thesis is concerned with the currently much-debated topic of »Artistic Research« and the impact of the natural sciences on contemporary art.

Ulrike Gerhardt (born 1984, Brandenburg a. d. Havel) works in Berlin as an art historian, author, and curator. She is currently working on her postdoctorate, and since 2011 she has been the co-curator of the Berliner Projektraum NOTE ON. Her most recent projects include, among others, the eight-part exhibition series „News about the Apocalypse“ (2012), the exhibtion „Post-Studio Tales“ (2012), the summer academy „Contemporary Past: Tracking a Postcard“ (2012), the public art installation „Public Face“ (2012), as well as „Banner Study for an Agora“ (2011) and the „Museum of Art and Ideas“ (2009-2010) at the HfBK Hamburg. She has worked for the d13, the 11th Istanbul Biennale, and received grants from the DAAD (2009), the Israeli Center for Digital Art (2010), and the Goethe Institut (2013).