Salon Rumiko Hagiwara

24 Aug 2017
Mehringdamm 32-34, 10961 Berlin, Germany

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Hagiwara has been interested in mundane objects, which lost or transformed their meanings in the process of being assigned to another cultural context. As a Japanese artist living in Europe and lately locating into the multicultural maelstrom of the city of Berlin, she has undertaken research into specific stories, which are describing certain aesthetics underlying the cross-cultural context.

In her salon, she will present a work in progress entitled “Ghost in silence”. It projects a highly personal narrative, which provides unique insights into mundane objects that connotes multi-layered meanings in a paradoxical manner.

The salon employs the format of Karaoke, which was literally meant “Empty orchestra” (Kara=empty, Oke=orchestra) in 70’s Japanese. Kim’s Karaoke Bar is managed by a Korean enterprise and is located in Mehringdamm area of Berlin. In this bar, one might find several signs, which are wrongly interpreted, out of context, and already integrated into another meaning. Possibly, one might find a country song that features as a pop song in another cultural context. After all, we will share a special and exciting moment for fun in Kim’s Karaoke …


1.Susanne Kriemann introduces Air Berlin Alexanderplatz and the format of the salon.

2. Video presentation; Jeanine Hofland (writer) talks about Rumiko’s art practice in relation to the book project she currently works on;

3. Rumiko introduces briefly the project „Ghost in silence“ she works on at Air Berlin Alexanderplatz;

4. Wang Chun-Chi, taiwanese curator. talks with Ruminko Hagiwara.

5. Singing on the stage