Salon Jessica Pooch

10 Jul 2015
Berlin, Germany

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This special salon by Jessica Pooch, supported by Pro Helvetia, took us to a „Tour de Toilette“ through Berlin in July 2015.
Anna Haase gave us a guided tour to all famous public facilities in Berlin. Miss Haase is specialized in the history of public toilets and will introduce us to the development of hygene- and toilet culture in Berlin. For further information please have a look at:[]
Since one of Jessica Pooch most recent works is tied up to standards in toilet-planning the salon is tailored to her research and her interesst in the social and emotional context of being private in the public. This tour has been both fun and serious research about how public toilets regulate our daily needs and influence our modes of behavior. Conventions, the social implications of our bodies, pudency and changing ideologies are the topics, we´ve dealt with during our conversation afterwards.