Salon Gina Folly

26 Jul 2016
Berlin, open space

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Gina Salon started on the 28 July and is ongoing.
Through her research, she found a book about plants, which are growing on the streets, next to our houses, in the public parks just around our daily living and the stories behind them.
A lot of them are eatable or you can use it as medicine.
She decided to do a walk from Stresemannstrasse 74 through the park on Schönebergstrasse over to Gleisdreieck Park
and back home. ‚It was very astonishing how much free resources are growing next to us and we don’t really know‘. In the pdf documentation, you find a selection of plants Gina fond on the walk she did.
She wrote to each of the plants stories about them and some useful and less useful information.