Salon Bik Van der Pol

20 Dez 2016
Zimmerstraße 95, 10117 Berlin, Germany

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There are many images of the world. During Weltsalon we will explore and exchange different perspectives in dialogue. We will explore this part of the world, through an unfolding of three stages of different experiences. Start on the ground, going high up in the air, and climb the stairs to an outhouse shelter. We will take our time to listen to sounds, sense space, hear each other, talk back, and wonder. What is this world? (Bik Van der Pol)

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are happy to invite you to Weltsalon by Bik Van der Pol in collaboration with AIR Berlin Alexanderplatz on 20th of December 2016 from 17.00 till 20.30h. We meet in Zimmerstrasse 95, 10117 Berlin, near the Weltballon.

After short talks by Susanne Krieman, Bik Van der Pol and Anna-Sophie Springer and Etienne Turpin, we will become airborne: please take note that places are limited to maximum 20 people. Weltsalon will then bring us all to Bel Ahr, Stresemannstrasse 95, where we will be welcomed by Harry Sachs, co-initiator of Zusammenkunft‚ who will introduce us to the current function of this previous hotel, followed by drinks and further informal discussion.

Liesbeth, Susanne, Jos, Aleksander