Salon Alice De Mont (BE)

22 Aug 2018
Hafenplatz 6-7, 10963 Berlin, Germany

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Wednesday, August 22, 15:00 – 22:00

U-Bahnhof Mendelssohn-Bartholdy-Park, project space and former LIDL on the ground floor.

Alice De Mont. video still, chenille (2018)


Participating artists: Alice De Mont (subject 23), Christoph Baum (Arno M. Feld), Lena Chen (Elle Peril), Richard Pettifer and Daniel Rödiger Free entrance



During her residency at AIR Berlin Alexanderplatz, Alice de Mont has developed a number of fictional characters in collaboration with other artists and performers. The Salon, which takes place at a former supermarket at Hafenplatz, will depict this collaborative process. The event includes a film programme made in collaboration with Christoph Baum, Lena Chen and Kathrin Messerschmidt; a performance by Richard Pettifer and an installation of objects by Daniel Rödiger. The ongoing research and work of Alice De Mont focuses on the construction of personalities by means of the creation of characters and alter egos. These characters function as a method to solve (artistic) problems. A character; a living and thinking thing, has the capacity to embody a problem, to bring in nuances, to change it and to accept inconsistencies. During her stay in Berlin, De Mont further developed her alter ego Subject 23; a personality with an artistic practice which explores the relationship between environment and human nature. This topic also plays a role in the work of Daniel Rödiger and in Richard Pettifer’s performance ‘The Excitement of Loss: is there a Way Out of our Environment?’. In Berlin, De Mont has had the chance to work with two external alter egos as part of her current research. Between 2012 and 2017, Lena Chen developed an alter-ego called Elle Peril; a nude model, in order to cope with the trauma of revenge porn. Christoph Baum explores the role of an art coach. His alter ego called Arno M. Feld demonstrates creative techniques being used to promote productivity and innovation in the business world.

Performance by Richard Pettifer: “The Excitement of Loss: is there a Way Out of our Environment?” 19:30, 20:00, 20:30 (in three parts, finished at 20.40) In English In this performance lecture series performed over one evening, theatre artist Richard Pettifer (AU/DE) adopts a trio of characters with the special love for the environment. While the Theorist articulates the crisis of environmental destruction, the Adventurer enthusiastically explores it, flirting with danger. Finally, the Artist reveals the paradox of our simultaneous superiority and extreme vulnerability – human after all. Richard Pettifer is a theatre director, critic, and scholar based in Berlin. He is part of the collective Atelierhaus Australiasche Botschaft OST, which is housed in the former Australian Embassy in East Berlin. He writes criticism on his critical writing platform Theaterstu?ck, as well as for publications such as Samizdat (ROM) and A Younger Theatre (UK) and occasionally in academia. His work often concerns climate change and art activism, placing attention on our complicity with the global system through distancing norms and mechanisms in culture.


Salon Alice de Mont, 2018, Performance by Richard Pettifer © ABA