Hamza- Exodus To The Underground

25 Feb 2019
Berlin, Germany

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Hamza- Exodus To The Underground

date: 25.02 – 06.03.19, 24 hours a day

For this 61st Salon, a phone line will be activated over a duration of 10 days to which you can call for free at any time. Mostly a one-way conversation will be lead by the founder of The Vivos Group, Robert Vicino who will share his vision for an escape from the ‚end‘. Quoting Vicino, ‚following a divine inspiration that I received in 1982, I started building deep underground shelters for thousands of people to survive an extinction level event coming our way‘. Today the project counts a handful of luxury suites in the United States and there are proposed projects for European underground shelters as many billionaires are preparing for the apocalypse. In the meanwhile, nature continues to forage for the sunlight and the present-day Noahs dig their heads underground, disillusioned and blind swimming in the river Hamza.