SALON Bastien Gachet (CH), Graham Kelly (NL/SCT)

29 Aug 2018
Stresemannstraße, Berlin, Germany

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Wednesday 29th of August 2018 17:30 – open end 21:00 Food & drinks!

17:30 Salon Bastien Gachet, Stresemannstraße 76, Komarov, 8th floor (apt 825)

3min from S-Bahn Anhalter Bahnhof

20:00 Salon Graham Kelly, Hafenplatz 7, ABA, 4th floor (apt. 6-404/6-405)

10 min walk from Anhalter Bahnhof or 3 min from U2, Mendelssohn-Bartholdy-Park

21:00 Food & drinks!

Bastien Gachet 

Take an electrical outlet: it consists of an injection molded plastic cover and three pieces of conductive alloy terminating a cable. It is protecting me physically –for I could die; and conceptually, for I do not want to know about it. It is a dispenser: it exists when I need it. It allows me to assume the energy it carries as tamed; to delegate and forget. I learned to confuse wall and socket.

On the occasion of this salon, Bastien Gachet will present new works made in and for a location: the ABA apartment at the Stresemannstraße 76.

Wednesday 29th of August 2018, 17:30, Stresemannstraße 76, Komarov, 8th floor (apt 825)



Graham Kelly

Skull Island Parts I and II

For this salon held in the ABA studio at Hafenplatz, Netherlands-based artist and filmmaker Graham Kelly will present Part I and Part II of Skull Island: a series of works that seek to define an abstract image space. Situated somewhere between film, lecture, and performance, each installment utilises the islands from the original and various remakes of King Kong as points of reflection of the social and political conditions of the eras in which each was conceived. Each portrayal of the island acts as a container for the insidious ideology of the original 1933 film which is adapted and carried through into the present day.

Part I compares the tangibility of the island in the original 1933 film to the CGI environment rendered for the 2005 Peter Jackson remake, opening up wider questions of the potential for subversion in contemporary digital image making technologies.

Part II examines the setting for the 1976 remake in which the camera crew in search of Kong is replaced by a petrochemical company in search of oil. Produced and set during the dawn of neoliberal policy, this version is discussed in relation to the rise of entrepreneurship, individualism and a proposed formation of a collective yet physically isolated state of fear.

Wednesday 29th of August 2018,  20:00 Hafenplatz 7, ABA, 4th floor (apt. 6-404/6-405)