Salon Stijn Verhoeff

1 Apr 2012

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Salon Agenda:

Salon from 12-3pm at the stage of the Peter Hacks Society (
We found the small and charming theatre stage in Prenzlauer Berg through the „Berlijnse Avonden“ initiative. The topic of the Salon was the Diary, examining the theoretical idea of the presentation of an identity and the manipulation of that identity through written text. Stijn Verhoeff posed this question to the audience: „Is the whole world a theatre play? Is each of us acting their own character?“
Stijn invited Maria Windschüttel, Alex Reynolds, Karl Lydén, Karin Anzivino and Ferial Nadja Karrasch to hold presentations and performances on a variety of subjects related to writing and literature, such as correspondences, diaries, letters, translation, interpretation and identification. Furthermore, Stijn himself did a conversation/interview with Susanne Kriemann about his diary research.
The Salon turned into a very interesting as well as humorous event with many inspiring presentations
and a very fruitful talk with the audience afterwards.

Attending Guests: Caroline Pekle (Artist), Maria Windschüttel (Artist), Alex Reynolds (Artist), Karl Lyden (Translator), Karin Anzivino (Artist), Ferial Nadja Karrasch (Curator), Wolfgang Futterer (Artist), Lise Harlev (Artist), Izabela Dabrowska( Art historian), Antonia Hirsch (Editor at Filip Magazine),Wolfgang Prinz und Michele Gholam, Nina Canell (Artist), Jasper Coppes (Artist), Asa Elzen (Artist), Aleksander Komarov (Artist), Susanne Kriemann (Artist)