Stijn Verhoeff

Residency Jan – Apr 2012
Mondriaan Fund

Stijn Verhoeff (Amsterdam, 1981) is an artist working in media such as film, performance, printed matter and text. For his research at Air Berlin Alexanderplatz he focuses on the first person singular: ‚In my practice I never use the word I.‘ * By looking at the diary and epistolary writings of artists, philosophers, novelists and other political figures he envisages to develop ideas related to originality, individuality, subjectivity and the society at large, which he eventually plans to bring together in a publication.

* If I remember rightly Rem Koolhaas once made this comment during a presentation of his practice.

Stijns plans for his residency period in Berlin was to visit numerous libraries of Berlin and meet up with journalists and artists that have dealt with the research on diaries. He also planned to make a performances and a collage publication dealing with everything he had found on that project.

Ventriloquist was produced in a copy of 500.