Steve Rushton


ABA´s first resident was Writer and Curator, Steve Rushton, accompanied by his partner Anke Bangma, curator of the Tropenmuseum Amsterdam.
Steve Rushton´s research topic was titled “The Signal: Noise Bureau” with the objective of exploring the idiom “feedback”, through debates, artworks, publications, performances, events and exhibitions.
To accomplish his research, Steve established “The Signal: Noise Bureau” at the ABA apartment,inviting various contributors including friends and colleagues from the international cultural scene to collaborate on the project, greatly enriching Steve’s research.

Welcome Borrel (May 13th, 2010)
The first event that we organized for Steve was “The Welcome Borrel”.
Held in the first few weeks of a residents stay, the aim of this event is to introduce the resident to an initial group of cultural protagonists and to acquaint this group with the resident’s research topic. Ideally, guests will recommend individuals whose services may benefit the resident.
After small introductory speeches by the ABA Team and by Steve, guests mingled and exchanged the latest news of the Berlin cultural scene. Steve was introduced to several potential contributors and received a number of suggestions of people that could be of interest to his research.
“Weißwurschtfrühstück” (June 12th, 2010)
The Berlin Biennale 6 was held in Berlin on June 12th, with numerous international visitors in attendance. We used this opportunity to network with visiting cultural influencers and arranged a brunch at the ABA apartment.
Attending Guests: Steven van Jeeseling, Mayke Jongma, Vanessa Ohlraun, Saskia (Nai), Carl Zillich, Lisbeth Bik, Joost van der Pohl, Antonia Hirsch, Melanie O´Brian, Jonathan Caroll, Andrea Wiarda, Barbara Visser, Lisette, Marc Bijl, Wim Waelput, Ann Cesteljn, Ovul Durmusoglu, Mariette Doelle, Karolin Tampere

Salon No. 1 (June 26th, 2010)
The first official salon by Steve Rushton was titled “feedback”. Steve showcased several short films that inspired his research, and recited articles from his Signal: Noise Bureau newspaper.

For his Salon No. 2, Steve invited his London-based friend Rod Dickinson to hold a session titled “The Game Theory”.
Rushton has been a writer for a range of projects with artists including: Closed Circuit, (Rod Dickinson in collaboration with Steve Rushton 2010); Who, What, Where, When, Why & How, (Rod Dickinson in collaboration with Steve Rushton 2009); A Short Film About War (script in collaboration with Thomson & Craighead 2009); the Channel 4 project Flat Earth (script in collaboration with Thomson & Craighead 2007).

Publications include, Signal Noise Bulletin 1, AIR Berlin (2010); the series How Media Master Reality for First / Last Newspaper, issues 1-6, Dexter Sinister, (2009); New Walden, HB2, Issue 1, CAC, Glasgow, (2008); Experience, Memory, Re-enactment, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam/Revolver, Frankfurt (with Anke Bangma and Florian Wuest) (2005); The Milgram Re-enactment, Revolver, Frankfurt (2003). He has written for a variety of art magazines including Dot Dot Dot, Metropolis M, Mute, Casco Issues and was founding editor of London-based everything Magazine (1992-2001).
Short Film About War: