Amelia Prazak & Milda Lembertaitė


Born in Switzerland and Lithuania, based in London, Amelia Prazak and Milda Lembertaitė have worked in partnership since 2011.

They create across different media, primarily with sculpture, costume, video and performance. 
With an ever-present playfulness and an often surreal humour, forms, images, materials are brought into a kind of alchemical drift across and through time, with ancient and contemporary, human and non-human agencies acting upon and influencing one another in new and ever-changing compositions.

The artefacts within the works flicker between simultaneous lives; across dimensions and interpretations; speaking of knowledge’s lost and re-found, the migration and displacement of bodies and the evolution, assimilation and growth of new forms of life, ways of being sustainable.

Themes of healing and cleansing recur again and again within the work, in relation to both the body and to the earth. Technology too occurs as a consistent element to the practice, the duo’s approach to TV screens being a bodily and emotional one. Looking at objects of technology as polymorphic; where the flat screen is at once mirror; an object to caress, a plane upon which to inscribe one’s innermost secrets and desires or the contemporary doppelganger for a piece of black obsidian rock.