Selina Grüter & Michèle Graf

Residency Feb – Jul 2017
Pro Helvetia

Selina Grüter and Michèle Graf (CH)
Since 2011 Selina Grüter (1991) and Michèle Graf (1987) are working together as a collective. Their work uses complex arrangements of actors, texts and compositional strategies to build, develop and explore the tensions between individual and group, and singular and plural modes of being. Using found texts, scripts, and drawings, and found materials for e.g. sticks and cords, Grüter and Graf transform their starting points by taking them out of their original context and examining and re-examining them in the light of a new medium. Put into modes of enactment in public spaces, each performance shows the process of transformation of their initial references. Grüter and Grafʼs work particularly deals with questions of the potential for individualism within a provisional group, and their elaborately scripted performances approach these questions using both language and other compositional arrangements. These performances also necessarily question projections of authority within a group, since every canon has its leader part and its follower part. The subtle negotiations of difference and power with which Grüter and Graf concern themselves, and which structure these performances, are simultaneously inevitable, unpredictable and scripted.​