Rumiko Hagiwara


Silence and Ambiguity, Intangible collection

29 Aug 2017

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Drawing of Ambiguity, Pencil on paper ©Rumiko Hagiwara


Drawing of Silence, Pencil on paper, A narration played with a speaker  ©Rumiko Hagiwara


Drawing of Silence Narration;

Once my German teacher asked me why I pause the music at the position of the rest sign that I had added in the music score. I couldn’t answer because I didn’t use the rest sign as an indication to pause the music, rather I meant to insert silence into the music.

According to my teacher, the functionality of the rest sign is to pause the flow of music and not to present silence. But silence has meanings in my country and there is no sign of silence in musical notation.

Silence can exist without speech, but speech can’t exist without silence. The word would be without depth, if the background of silence was missing.