Peter Taylor

Residency Mai – Aug 2015
Mondriaan Fund

Peter Taylor, Director of Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival. Over the last decade he’s been working as a film programer.His main interests are an intuitive mix of ADVENTUROUS NARRATIVES / SLOW ACTION / RADICAL-IN-BETWEEN-NESS. Reflections on the ghostly, on matter, on affect – explorations of gender, identity and representation – are all injected with as much as with seriousness as they are with wonder and rampant pop cultural joyThese interests mostly manifest themselves in the curation of film programmes featuring artists whose work encompasses vividly speculative meshes of performance, sculpture, documentary fictions and realism.
Over the last decade, Taylor’s main output has been as a short film programmer at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and curating over 300 film programmes and performances at WORM, the city’s self-styled ‘Institute for Avant Gardistic Recreation’. These have included visits from artists and performers including Sylvain George, Michael Robinson, VALIE EXPORT, Morgan Fisher, Edwin, Eric Baudelaire, Wolfgang Müller, Wendelien van Oldenborgh, Luke Fowler, Taku Unami, C. Spencer Yeh, Gabriel Abrantes, Ben Rivers, Ben Russell, Kenneth Goldsmith, Beatrice Gibson, Kevin Jerome Everson, Vincent Meessen, Okkyung Lee, Duncan Campbell, and Wilhelm Hein.
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