Nickel van Duijvenboden

Nickel van Duijvenboden is an interdisciplinary artist from Amsterdam. He is also an occasional tutor, editor, translator and drummer. His work comprises spatial installations, printed matter, photography, sound installations and performative readings.

Since 2012, his work has become more manifestly visual, intensified by a two-year research period at the Rijksakademie. During this period, written correspondences became a primary focus within his practice. These opened up a field of study that incorporates topics such as rhythm, script, speech, postal gestures, archiving and reproductive techniques, as well as theories of the other, (non-)reciprocation, solitude, community, and privacy.

His most recent series of works, called «Echolocation», engage with sound recording and acoustic layering, gradually drowning out the inner voice, amplifying movement and intuitive action.