Maya Rochat

Residency Sep 2014 – Mrz 2015
Pro Helvetia

Swiss / German multidisciplinary artist Maya Rochat (born 1985) She works in the fields of photography, collage and installation.Working with different media and materials, her use of anachronistic methods reflects a concern with craft, introducing the hand of the artist into a medium usually associated with mechanical reproduction. Therefore, her work forms a vast web of intertwined images whose energy disturbs our habitual codes of interpretation and perception.
The symbolically laden, analog and digital works of the Swiss artist Maya Rochat probe the depths of the photographic plane. Using her own writing and fragments of found images, she modifies her photographs to create radically associative compositions. She sources her own immediate surroundings, weaving portraits of friends and shots of landscapes into a dense, intimate visual fabric that is scratched, dissected, and reassembled with almost militant surgical intervention.
During her residency at ABA, Maya proposed to work on a new photobook, entitled ‚A Plastic Tool‘ The book was edited by Delphine Bedel and focused on the relation between print and photography, in a cutting-edge publishing experiment. This is Maya’s and Delphine’s third editorial collaboration. The book questions the value of the contemporary image. Interweaving these images with the print technology, she creates multi-fold narratives. The book is printed making use of various print technologies – Offset, stencil print and silkscreen – that overlaps on the page, producing a unique materiality.

Maya Rochat’s ‘A plastic Tool’
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