Maureen Kaegi

Residency Okt 2017 – Apr 2018
Pro Helvetia

Maureen Kaegi explores a broader perspective of painting with a keen, detailed awareness that the medium today is no longer a clearly circumscribed aesthetic genre, but an open field ranging from existing productions in painting to other art genres. She combines elements of contemporary dance, architectural interventions, painting and drawing by overstraining parameters like material, techniques and rhythm and reflects their manifestation on the body. Her compositions strike an odd balance between spontaneous expressions and precise calculations. She is interested in small errors and irregularities that can occur when physical and/or mental processes repeat and is thereby taking advantage of the unexpected potential found in simple, quotidian, and low-cost materials. She is interested in merging different contexts and in exploring to what extent material and bodies can be overstrained. By using her artistic work as a framework, she explores different approaches to dance, as well as experimenting with participatory formats in choreographic processes.