Magali Dougoud

Residency Mrz – Aug 2020
Pro Helvetia

Magali Dougoud is an artist based in Lausanne, Switzerland. She graduated from HEAD-Geneva and HKB-Bern with a Master in Fine Arts. She also has been co-curator of the independent art space Urgent Paradise in Lausanne from 2012 to 2019. She is mainly working with video, text, and installation. In her artistic research, she is looking to dismantle dominant stories (historical and scientific) to find other possible subjectivities. She develops an emancipatory feminine imagination through notions such as liquidity – as a heterogeneous means of communication -, violence, desire, origin, plural and inter-species intelligence. She uses collective and intimate narratives that constitute empirical knowledge. 

During her stay with ABA, Magali Dougoud continues her research into Water, as a constitutive element of human and non-human bodies and our environment. For this purpose, she will investigate rivers and canals that cross through the city of Berlin. She is inspired by hydrofeminism, the idea that we are all Bodies of Water which makes our liquid incarnations an exploration of otherness. Her work will also focus on current environmental issues linked to the water as a resource.