Kato Six

Kato Six (°1986 Bruges, lives and works in Brussels & Amsterdam) obtained a MA 3D- multimedia in 2010 and a MA printmaking in 2008 at KASK (Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten) Ghent.
‘In the process from an idea to the design of the actual art object there is a certain moment where I see the object that I made for the first time. Through this process of making the work I want to talk about a performative perceiving of space and objects and wonder about the becoming of a piece of art in the hands of the artist and the similar process taking place in the gaze and embodied experience of the spectator.

A quasi fictional description of how to make and how to use my work in the form of a manual is the starting point for a conversation with Greg Nijs and everyone of you. The seemingly ordinary starting point of this conversation is a basis to exchange doubts and thoughts about my and your artistic practice.’ (Kato Six)

Kato Six’s works are architectural and somehow this entails that objects gets simplified. As if there is a geometrical order against which everything is tested before making it. As if there is some vague register of pictograms from which she draws her inspiration. Kato Six’s works can be seen as diagrams, because of the schematic nature of her objects. On the other hand, a diagram is understood as something that clarifies something else and this clarification is questioned at the same time. The diagram occurs only on paper, and the translation of this two-dimensional phenomenon into something three-dimensional abstracts the way Kato Six’s workings occur.