Karen Vermeren

Karen Vermeren (°1982, Ghent) lives and works in Ghent, Belgium. She is Researcher at Horizontal Drawing Research Lab, Sint Lucas University ‚College of Art & Design, Antwerp, Belgium (since 2009).
Vermeren’s research questions traditional conceptions of landscape painting and looks for new representations of the geological landscape in two-dimensional in situ installations. It focuses in particular on (dis)continue geological processes of volcano’s, glaciers, metamorphic rocks and fault lines. The landscape is reframed in the exhibition room, destabilizing the spectators experience by quitting preconceived representations. Characteristics of Vermeren’s pictorial and sculptural approach as well as her specific approach of the exhibition space as a new grid / new canvas, reveal an analogy with geological conditions and material processes. Geological imagery and processes lead to new artistic grids, faults and lines that not only reflect on nature and its cultural representation but as ‘new images’ also challenge the spectator. Especially when we see her geological images intertwine with fragments of (urban and local) landscapes seen through the gallery window.